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RPG system: LARP
Participants: 7-13 players


✏️Elsa Helin
✏️Joel Östlund

Prolog (2015), Culturen, Västerås, Sweden

OrganizerJoel Östlund


PDF Scenario (v2.0) [Swedish] (0.1 MB)
PDF Scenario (v3.0) [Swedish] (0.3 MB)


The Larp Macbeth is an adaptation of Shakespeares darkest and most powerful play. All participants will be given a character and as a starting point we will use the lines from the play. Some characters will be played by more than one participant. In five acts we re-create the story about the destruction that follows when evil is chosen as a way to fulfill the ambition for power.

We use drama techniques, tape, light and sound to intensify our experience. As a symbol for blood and death we use water.

The game will be played in Swedish.

Yet do I fear thy nature;
It is too full o’ the milk of human kindness
To catch the nearest way.
—Lady Macbeth

En bearbetning av Shakespeares mörkaste och mest kraftfulla pjäs. Alla deltagare får roller från pjäsen. I varje scen utgår vi från repliker. Genom fem akter återskapas historien om den destruktivitet som följer när ambitionen om makt driver oss till ondska.
Om mordet kunde skänka oss framgång blott och sätta stopp för andra följder…

❤ Som deltagare får du frossa i en av Shakespeares bästa pjäser.

Played at

Stockholm Scenario Festival (2014)
Prolog (2015)
Stockholm Scenario Festival (2017)


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