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Camp North Star

RPG system: LARP

Organized by



OrganizerAmalie Holmstrøm Sichlau
OrganizerMartin Andreas Dahl Sinding


Enter a world of heroes and villains. A world where superpowers are real and the fight between good and evil is ever-present. Heroes like Neutron Fist, Doc Justice & Plasmoid battle the schemes of Lord Laser, Post Mortem and a host of other villains. But what about the young people who are not quite heroes... yet? All teenagers must deal with changes both physical and emotional, but these young people have it worse. One way or another, their world has been turned upside down by superpowers.

Camp North Star is about young superhumans who are spending their summer at a camp, where young people with superpowers or people who are otherwise engaged in the superhuman community, can come together and spend time with others who find themself in the same situation.

The world that Camp North Star takes place in, has a lot in common with our own. However, there is one significant difference. Superpowers exist in all shapes and sizes, and whether by scientific breakthroughs, alien mutations or magical means, some people have extraordinary powers.

You will have the option of playing a camper or a camp counsellor. Most characters will have superpowers but some won't, although they'll have another connection to the superhuman community, such as having superhuman parents or siblings.

- Sky High
- Teen Titans
- X-men
- Percy Jackson

Runs 🗺️

25. - 28. July 2024🗺️Birkedallejren, Tølløse, Denmark


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