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Such a Fun Weekend!

Front page for Such a Fun Weekend!

(AKA: Du ska väl med till stugan?)

RPG system: LARP
Genre: Drama
Participants: 1 GM, 5-6 players


✏️Teddy Evelina Karlsson


PDF Scenario [English] (0.4 MB)
PDF Scenario [Swedish] (0.4 MB)


“You should join us at the cottage, it’ll be such a fun weekend!” Spoiler alert, it won’t. Six people; with crushes, heartbreak, secrets and lots of love become the worst possible combination of people for a fun and relaxing weekend at the summer cottage. They do not realise this until they’ve already locked themselves in, and the locksmith has a long way to go to reach them. How will they survive until then?

In this scenario the players will get a character with several relationships and help to play out a big fight that kick things off and makes sure our trapped friends really wish they could go home and leave all the drama behind. This will be a starting point, what happens then is completely up to the players. In this tiny sandbox with nothing to play with but the others emotions.

Relationships – Drama – Tiny sandbox

Played at

Stockholm Scenario Festival (2023)

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