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Last White Ship

RPG system: LARP


✏️Maarja Lutsar


Several centuries in the future. The climate change is slowly, but surely killing Earth. The Mars colony seems to be surviving, for now. Phoenix V, likely the last spaceship leaving Earth will take off in a little more than an hour and choosing the Earthers who can get on the ship is a difficult yet-unfinished task.

The Phoenix crewmembers assigned to the job are weary. The Earthers who’ve made it to the last round of choosing are hopeful, or afraid, or angry. One way or another, this has to be wrapped up before the hour runs out.

This is a story about end of an era, choices with no good options and a clock running out, set against the backdrop of ecological catastrophe and not-so-utopian Mars colonization.

Played at

Tallinn International Larp Festival (2016)
Tallinn International Larp Festival (2017)

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