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Tallinn International Larp Festival (2016)

Location: Ehitajate tee 82, Tallinn, Estonia 🗺️
Date: January 29, 2016 - January 31, 2017

Part of: Tallinn International Larp Festival

About the convention:

Tallinn Larp Festival invites you to participate in short roleplaying scenarios to experience new lives, stories, thoughts and emotions. Our aim is to offer a diverse set of engaging, creative and inspiring role-playing games.
Come and join the interactive participatory scenarios where you can shape your own experience!
All necessary preparations for the game are done on the spot, no additional planning is needed (costumes etc).
- Language: English + few games in Estonian
- Four timeslots with 4-5 games in each
- Free or cheap food and floor space for sleeping


Before and After Silence Matthijs Holter
Fredrik Hossmann
Lea Kirotar
Black Dog Nathan Hook LARP
Blip. Gints Halcejs
Last White Ship Maarja Lutsar LARP
💾 Limbo Tor Kjetil Edland
Timo Talvik
Medusa Luule Lille LARP
New Tasmania Andrius Jautakis
Ignas Ligionis
SWITCH – Politicians of the future Fredrik Hossmann LARP
💾 The Black Pram Toomas Krips
Alex Uth
The Evaluation Room Simon Svensson LARP
The great afterparty Erlend Eidsem Hansen
Jaagup Irve
Frida Sofie Sterten Jansen
Elin Nilsen
Voices Melina Cunelius LARP
White Death Nina Runa Essendrop
Simon Steen Hansen
Lea Kirotar
Caroline Koren Raffnsøe
Blackbox LARP


Organizer Lea Kirotar

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