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The Game

RPG system: Vampire: The Masquerade
Genre: Drama, Gyser


✏️Michael G. Schmidt


Where am I? It’s cold in here ... Darkness, it’s wet. I hate water. Where are you, my love - my blood, my existence. It’s so COLD!

“The Game” - it has taken her. From me! It will pay, it must pay. I’ll see that ... But where is she? Where has it placed her? I do not know - I must know, I must find her. My love - my blood, my existence. The darkness is drawing closer...

I don’t know. Why? WHY ME?

“The Game” - why did it have to be her? She is gone now. It’s my fault - or is it? Did she want it to happen? NO!
The sparrows are flying again.

His laughter, so inhuman-like. He is one of us. He MUST be. What is he going to do? It’s so dark in here.

“The Game” - are we its players? Its toys? Its puppets? Who does it think it is? We must find her: Quickly! The clouds are gathering overhead...

Death. It smells of death. My death? His death? NO! This can’t happen. I’m in charge - it’s my life, my unlife. Nobody controls me!

“The Game” - there is no turning back now. It must be finished - I want it to be finished. Punishment. Blood will soak the ground. I don’t care. It will be my blood. The cold is enveloping me, strangling me...

He is coming. Coming for me. I know it. I can smell him - the smell of blood. Now is the time to strike - I MUST succeed.

“The Game” has begun.

Played at

Fastaval (1993)


Fastaval (1993)

Nominated, Bedste Handouts
Nominated, Bedste Bipersoner

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