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A Million To One, They Said…

RPG system: Diana: Warrior Princess
Participants: 1 GM, 3-6 players


OrganizerMarcus Rowland


Four-sixteens years ago the Supreme Leader and Colonial Fleet set out to bring new hope to a dying world by colonising the Third Planet and liberating its resources. The Fleet never communicated or returned, and today the pitiful remnants of a once-great civilization are still dealing with the environmental consequences of their folly.

Two-eights and three nights ago lights appeared in the sky near the smaller moon. The great telescopes used to survey the Third Planet have long since been dismantled for valuable scrap, but smaller instruments show that there is something there, a cylindrical object that is unlikely to be natural. Scientists believe that it may finally be a vessel built by the Colonial Fleet, but predict an eventual landing near the equator, far from civilization.

Your team is repairing one of the Great Canal pumping stations not far from the equator, but it’s a big world and the odds are overwhelmingly against a nearby landing. Some experts put the odds against it as a million to one…

Played at

Continuum (2022)
Dragonmeet (2022)

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