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Front page for Faerie

RPG system: Blackbox LARP
Participants: 16 players


✏️Halfdan Keller Justesen

2023, Blackbox Serial i Valby Kulturhus., Denmark

OrganizerHalfdan Keller Justesen

The Smoke (2023), Theatre Delicatessen, London, United Kingdom

OrganizerHalfdan Keller Justesen

Stockholm Scenario Festival (2023), Långholmens Folkhögskola, Stockholm, Sweden

OrganizerHalfdan Keller Justesen


The Fae courts rule over the realms of Faerie. These enchanting creatures are made of magic and emotion, and any wise mortal knows well to steer clear of them. Their culture is rich with traditions of favours, gifts, and making deals. But as humans journey into Faerie, the Fae take interest and decide to toy with them — as time passes, the seasons come and go, and with it comes an exchange of control. During this larp, 16 players take on the role of Fae characters, and throughout the larp, the same players will also take turns portraying one-line mortal characters who stumble into the land of the Fae.

The experience is about playing and acting like a Fae, a creature removed from the norms of our human culture. It is intended to be physical, so you should expect to move and be close with other participants. We will simulate intimacy, sex, and violence in a theatrical style. At times your character, and the mortals you will portray, will be out of your control and at the mercy of the other Fae. However, as a player you will always be able to opt out using a tap-out mechanic.

Played at

Blackbox Cph (2023)
The Smoke (2023)
Stockholm Scenario Festival (2023)

Other runs 🗺️

March 2, 2023🗺️Blackbox Serial i Valby Kulturhus., Denmark
September 7, 2023🗺️Valby Kulturhus, Denmark

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