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Death of Dawn, Part One

RPG system: Vampire: The Masquerade


✏️Rasmus Rydberg Bagge
✏️Kristoffer Thomas Wellejus


You are the fortunate (which Vampire is not) Neonate, who have the power and ability (???) to stop the evil schemes, that the Sabbat has plotted against the Queen, residing in Londinium.
Will you prevail or will you fail?
Try the luck of your charmed existence and escape Final Death more than once!

Der fordres godt rollespil, kendskab til regler og historien bag Vampire, da modulet vil være nært uløseligt uden denne viden.

Der vil blive startet fire forskellige grupper i fire forskellige dele af verden (Se nedenfor).
Ved tilmeldingen anføre da venligst T1 for troup I, T2 for troup II og så fremdeles alt efter deltagerønsker.

Troup I: USA, Chicago
Troup II: Denmark, Copenhagen
Troup III: England/China, Hong Kong
Troup IV: USA/Haiti, Cap-Haitien

Played at

DRF-Con (1992)

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