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Comfy Architect Lottery of Magic: Extreme Snuggle Tiles

(AKA: ✨🧚 Comfy Architect Lottery of Magic: Extreme Snuggle Tiles 🏠)

RPG system: LARP
Participants: 12 players

Organized by

Cozy Games


✏️Cadence Schwartz
✏️John Schwartz

Intercon U (2023), Crowne Plaza, Warwick, Rhode Island, United States

OrganizerCadence Schwartz
OrganizerJohn Schwartz


*Hey, it’s your old pal Cuddle Fairy, here to tell you that you have won the fairy lottery and get to design your own house to your own personal aesthetic! Oh yeah, and 11 other people have also won. Why? Sometimes people have the same soul-length. No one knows why. So, you all won!*

*Well, we only have enough magic to make one house. So, better get to working together on the design. I'm sure none of you have different ideas of what a perfect comfy house should be! Everything will go smoothly… and with superpowers!*

This is a game about image board Choose Your Own Adventures (CYOA) and the typical tropes within. There will be a lot of choices that don’t really affect much but your own happiness, #aesthetics, and becoming a little girl.

Gameplay will consist of communally designing a house with room tiles that will be earned during game, CYOA mini-games, and in-character interactions. Costuming is **strongly encouraged** as every character has a unique trope-y #aesthetic to show off (ex: angel, wizard, mecha pilot, etc).

Played at

Intercon U (2023)

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