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A Pleasure Cruise

RPG system: D&D 5th Edition
Participants: 1 GM, 5 players


OrganizerKarianne Fog Heen


D&D Adventurers League spill for tier 2 (lvl 5-10). Det er en fordel, men ikke krav med regelkunnskap. Deltakere kan selv lage karakter på forhånd etter Adventurers League regler, eller få en ferdig rolle ved spillstart.

Getting a free ticket to the pleasure boat Casper’s Gambit, the characters discover that Luck is an unreliable patron. And is there any such thing as a free ticket?
This is a low combat adventure set in Fortunia, the domain of Luck, ruled by the archfey Miss Fortune.

DMer vil få modulen tilsendt av arrangør.

Played at

ARCON 38: Multivertshuset (2022)

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