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The Pushcart War

RPG system: LARP
Participants: 18-27 players, Male characters: 10-14, Female characters: 8-13

Organized by

The Really Nasty GMs


✏️Don Ross
✏️Tom Russell


They thought he would be a push-over. But, they've pushed him around for too long. Now, its time for Max Hammer to PUSH BACK

THE PUSHCART WAR A Daniel Starkmeyer Film Based on a True Story

On this, the 20th anniversary of the Pushcart War, blockbuster film director Daniel Starkmeyer is producing a new film based on those historic events of 1986. He's got an all-star cast, a huge budget for special effects, and a script that's going to sell millions in tickets. That is, if he can get it past the people who remember what -really- happened.

Once again, it is the trucking companies (progress and peanut butter) against the pushcart peddlers (private enterprise), duking it out on the streets of New York, as old rivalries and personal vendettas spring forth anew. A game of revisionist history (and pea-shooters) based on novelist Jean Merril's account of "The Pushcart War".

Played at

Intercon F (2006)

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