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Intercon Z

RPG system: LARP
Participants: 19-25 players, Male characters: 7-10, Female characters: 7-10, Characters that are not strictly defined as male or female: 5

Organized by

NEAL (New England Active Literature)


✏️Alex Bradley
✏️Janet Brennan
✏️Shaughn Bryant
✏️Andy Kirschbaum
✏️Alex Newman
✏️Gordon Olmstead-Dean
✏️Don Ross
✏️Charley Sumner
✏️Mark Waks


Intercon Z for Zeppelin will buoy your spirits and hopefully not explode!

Intercon is the world's premier Live Action Role Playing convention. Although there have been a wide variety of Intercon conventions, Intercon Z is the first to be held in the four-hour format. NEAL (New England Active Literature) is very excited to be presenting this first for LARPing. If you've ever found yourself wishing you could play more games at an Intercon, come experience the whirlwind thrill of playing as many as four different games in a four-hour block at Intercon Z. Furthermore, it's conveniently being hosted by our sister convention, Intercon F. If you're already attending Intercon F, why not take four hours of your time to come attend the first ever micro-Intercon?

Come join the fun at Intercon Z for Zeppelin: it's delightful, it's delirious, it's derigible!

Here are a few of the games that will be running at Intercon Z:

_Choices_, by Don Ross "In the event we make a crash landing on a desert island, and have to eat each other to survive, I'd suggest the fat guy in seat 16j."

Welcome to an hour of intense personal diplomacy. The players have an hour to decide which one of them isn't going to survive the game.

_Spy Guys_, by Andy Kirschbaum Good Morning.

Your mission is to infiltrate the Master of Tomorrow’s Command Zeppelin. Locate your contact, make the exchange and get out. Negotiate only if necessary. There are almost certainly enemy agents onboard. Rendezvous with our mid-air extraction team exactly 60 minutes later. There is no room in this mission for your usual shenanigans, flirtations, getting captured by the enemy, or any nonsense at all. Oh, and whatever you do, don’t blow up the zeppelin.

_Tabula Rasa 2.5: Shades of Memory_, by Mark Waks This 50-minute all-amnesia game throws ten people into the blender. Ideally suited for the role-playing purist who likes to take snippets of information and run with them. This game is rather dark, and may contain sexual subject matter, so it is \*not\* for children.

_Succession!_, by Alex Newman The charismatic pirate Greyshirt led the zeppelin raiding Air-mada for many years, building up his fleet and making his crew and captains wealthy in the process. But he vanished several years ago and -- dead or not -- shows no signs of returning. Now the captains and their supporters have gathered aboard the flagship Aeolus to select a new admiral. Will the process be civil or savage?

_Bug Hunt_, by Janet Brennan

A Galactic Marine Corps heavy cruiser drifts listless on the borders of known space. Long-range sensors report the GMCS Hermes responded to a Mayday from a deep-range exploration vessel two weeks earlier. The Hermes sent a boarding party to investigate -- they barely made it back to the Hermes before the exploration vessel blew itself to dust. Now the Hermes has failed to return to post. The Corps is unable to establish communications. They’re sending an elite strike team of Marines to the derelict cruiser with orders to secure the ship and ascertain the situation. Sensors indicate minimal life support, and hundreds of life forms, on board the ship... Can a handful of Space Marines fight off the horde of invaders on the Hermes? Who will survive the next hour? 3-5 players and 5-10 horde are in for the fight of their lives!

_Layover in Santa Calavera_, by Gordon Olmstead-Dean

For the honeymooners it was a dream vacation. For the businessman it was a chance at financial survival. For the retirees a chance for the golden years. But for everyone the trip to Acapulco was important. But the tickets were cheap...on a foreign carrier. Now engine trouble has forced a delay. The airline people say things will be fine, just an unexpected one-hour layover in Santa Calavera. "Santa Calavera - nowhere in the Caribbean will you find a more wretched hive of scum, and villainy." An island that makes Haiti look religiously orthodox, and the Dominican Republic look prosperous. That makes Columbia seem politically stable. The haunt of Gonzo Journalists, the broken, and the very very wrong. LISC is a humorous and adult one hour game for 3-6 players and 6-8 horde with excellent roles for both, in the style and universe of the well loved "Gonzo Bugfuck Game."

_Microcosm_, by Shaughn Bryant

The world is ending. At least, it seems to be. At first, you thought that you might be going insane. Or maybe you're dead, and this is Hell. It started when things started to dissapear. Then people. You could even feel some of your memories slipping away, but at least you can feel where they used to be. Finally, places ceased to exist. It seemed that you were the only one who noticed, until you met the others. The world seemed to contract, becoming smaller every day. Now, the world consists only of this one small hotel room and nine other people.

_Mad-LARPs:Camelot_, by Charley Sumner

This is an experimental [adjective] game from the [body part] of Charley Sumner. Players will take on roles from the [adjective] story of King Arthur and the Knights of the [adjective] [noun]. Will the mighty [noun] Excalibur [verb] the forces of Morgan le Fay? Will Galahad complete his quest for the [adjective] [noun]? Will Arthur discover that Lancelot is [euphemism] Guinevere? What [adjective] fate is in store for Merlin and the Lady of the [Noun]? Play Mad-LARPs: Camelot and [verb].

[Note: these are not mock games; although there may be overarching plots, each mini-LARP is a fully- formed game unto itself.]

Played at

Intercon F (2006)

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