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Afterlife: Wandering Souls

RPG system: Wandering
Participants: 1 GM, 3-5 players

Organized by

Angry Hamster Publishing


OrganizerSteffie de Vaan


Afterlife: Wandering Souls is a fantasy game set in a surreal plane known as the Tenebris. You take on the role of a Wanderer—someone who died, but didn’t end up in Heaven, Hell, or any other traditional afterlife. Devoid of memories of your life on earth, you find yourself in an endless desert filled with gateways to strange places.

The Wanderers travel to the Wall of Thorns where, legend claims, each rose holds a glimpse to their past. They meet the Reaper of the Wall and discover her daughter was stolen by a group of Unrequited; Wanderers lost to nihilism. The Reaper agrees to let the Wanderers look at a rose only if they return her daughter to her.

Played at

Dreieichcon World (2021)

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