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Kisarta, a setting of damned souls and unheartly horrors

RPG system: D&D 5th Edition
Participants: 1 GM, 3-4 players


OrganizerNicola De Marco


The Death is not the end of everything, at least not for you. Cursed soul, a journey full of terrors is waiting for you in Kisarta, a setting for the 5th Edition that will drag you and your party in a netherworld of horrors.

"Black, White, Aether." - The adventurers, renowned heroes of their respective worlds, awakened on Kisarta after their untimely deaths. Still disoriented, they met and stuck together, and are now about to dive into the intricate and infinite alleyways of the City of Limbo...

Played at

Dreieichcon World (2021)

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