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Mysterious Ways

RPG system: Night’s Black Agents
Participants: 1 GM, 6 players


OrganizerGraham Turner


“The world around is not only stranger than you might imagine, it is stranger than you can imagine. Dark forces lurk beneath the surface, always just out of sight. Their influence is more visible, corrupting, destroying, bringing ruin. But, if the forces of darkness exist, exalted in secret, surely, it stands to reason, the forces of light must too?

Operation ISHIM concerns a covert unit within MI5 that seeks to augment good people, the best people, with just such powers. Armed with the weapons of Angels, the fires of creation itself, the subjects of Operation ISHIM will be able to match the forces of evil on their own terms, going head to head with the darkness that seeks to rule our world. Already highly experienced agents, each has been invested with a spark of Angelic essence and trained extensively in its use.

Something is rotten in the heart of Cornwall, with reports of abductions, ritual murder, and the walking dead. It is time for Operation ISHIM’s first field test. Can you wield the power of the Angels against the evil that lurks in the heart of this wild country? Or will the light fail when you need it most?”

Played at

Gaelcon 33: ‘Through the Matrix’ (2021)

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