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Hamish MacPherson


✏️ Living Spaces / Dead Spaces Golden Cobra Challenge (2016)
✏️ Real/Unreal Blackbox Cph VI (2016)
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Golden Cobra Challenge (2016)

Living Spaces / Dead Spaces: Winner, Best Use of Somatic Elements
Living Spaces Dead Spaces takes the normal everyday motions of living people, and contrasts them with what those who have passed on will cling to and resonate with. A non-narrative, dialogue-light game that is full of motion, combining deep, contemplative character play with patterns and motion. Creating a greater whole out of the minute actions of each participant, it is a ballet of attachment and letting go. The game takes an uncommon approach to in-character experience, and also uses subtle but strong cues for player communication. When it is really humming we can see this game being a profound, physical and deeply symbolic play experience.

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