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Minsk Larp Festival (2019)

Minsk Larp Festival

Location: Minsk, Belarus
Date: 4. - 5. May 2019

Part of: Minsk Larp Festival

About the convention:

Minsk Larp Festival will be held in Minsk on May 4-5, 2019. We invite everyone to join us for the week-in program on May 2-3 and hang out after the festival days at week-out on May 6-7.

We invite everyone aged 18 and older who enjoys live-action role-playing or who wants to know what it actually is to spend this weekend with us and fill it with new experience, discover new places and try brand new larps, designed by Belarusian and international larp-community. Apart from larping, these two festival days will introduce you to the social life of Minsk youth and give you a key to find out what makes Minsk a distinctive city. The larps themselves will be run simultaneously at different areas. That means that the participants will have more options to satisfy their game preferences. Our expectations are that there will be a choice in larping styles and requirements of larp-experience will vary. Minsk Larp Festival will be an international event, and we welcome larpers from all over the world to participate.

If you want to sign-up for the festival as a player, you will need to buy a ticket. We are planning to add the information regarding ticket purchase on our official web-page closer to the festival dates. Mind that the number of tickets is limited. Those, who’ve bought a ticket, will get a festival program and a sign up form for larps.

If you are a larp designer, or a group of designers and you would love to run your larp at the festival, we kindly ask you to submit an application and fill in the form.

The requirements for the larps are as follows:

- the larp has not been run at Minsk Larp Festival
- the larp has to last from 1 to 4 hours including workshops, debrief and the playing time itself
- the larp shouldn’t require complex props and equipment
- the larp should be flexible regarding gender of the participants
- the larp shouldn’t require beforehand preparation of the participants
- the larp should preferably accommodate no less than 10 participants
- the larp should be play-tested before the festival


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