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ConDensed (2023)

Location: Worthing Sea Cadet Centre, Worthing, United Kingdom
Date: 17. - 19. November 2023

Part of: ConDensed

About the convention:

A weekend of gaming in Worthing from Wyrdsisters Games CIC.

So, Plan B - We take over the World (or at least Worthing Sea Cadet centre) for a free weekend of gaming.
It is ours from the evening of Friday 17th November 2023 to the evening of Sunday 19th November 2023.
We are aiming for a relaxed, fun weekend with longer game slots, a later start and minimum admin so we can play too.
Registration is free, but we need to know names and headcount for the sake of the fire regs so pre-booking is essential. Registration will be through warhorn https://warhorn.net/events/condensed-2023 There is a cap on numbers due to venue capacity so please let us know if you become unable to attend after registering just in case we hit that number.
You will be able to book games through Warhorn but there will also be signup sheets on the day for those who prefer them.
There will be no game tickets or GM reward tickets and you are welcome to run/play games outside of the slots listed on Warhorn so long as they stay within the start and finish times (10am - 11pm)
There is no on site accommodation, but Worthing is packed with hotels, B&Bs and guesthouses so there are plenty of options available. We will put together a list to help.
The Sea Cadet centre is about 5 minutes walk from the train station. There is on street parking around the centre and there are car parks within 10 minutes walk. There is a small amount of parking onsite which is reserved for blue badge holders and people bringing stalls or similar, you are however welcome to use it for loading/unloading.
We may be aiming for admin light, but as always we will do our best to help make sure everyone has a fun time.


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