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Games Weekend (1992)

Location: Cirkelhuset, Hørsholm, Denmark
Date: 14. - 16. August 1992

Part of: Games Weekend

About the convention:

Connen blev arrangeret af foreningen Pegasus i Nordsjælland


A Hard Day's Night Christian T. Petersen Call of Cthulhu
Don't Lose Your Head Daniel Sejer
Glenn Weinold
Call of Cthulhu
Electrica Salsa Glenn Weinold
Jens Woeste Christensen
Heksejagt Søren Petersen GURPS
Masken Nacht Kenneth Madsen AD&D Ravenloft
Moon over Bourbon Street Anders Blom Vampire: The Masquerade
Shadowrun (GW92) Carsten Bernstorph Shadowrun
Space Libia Anders Hess MegaTraveller
Sunday Bloody Sunday Carsten Bernstorph Call of Cthulhu
Twilight 2000 (GW92) Thomas Andersen Twilight: 2000

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Spilverdenen Page 39 Nr. 15 (August 1992) SAGA [dk]
Spilverdenen Page 37 Nr. 16 (September 1992) SAGA [dk]

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