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Sunfall 🗺️

Sunfall is a post apocalyptic live action event in Denmark. Its set in a dystopic setting inspired by Mad Max and Fallout.

"Sunfall is a Denmark based, voluntary organization in cooperation. We are working for the good LARP experience and adventure, as well as combining the fun adventure with critical thinking regarding environmental and climate issues.

We have set out to use LARP as a communication media, while we keep up a high production value of the events.

As a larp organization our activities are based in nature, therefore it´s important part of our values to protect nature. We think that the post apocalyptic genre, makes a natural angle for the climate and environmental issues, that we want to address.

With more than 40 permanent voluntary active across Denmark, with over 1000 hours of preparation each year, and involved in several active role-playing as well as environmental and climate preservation projects, we try to establish ourselves as a part of the international community of LARP and climate awareness issues."


Sunfall Avalon, Babylon, ELF, Lost Ideas
Sunfall (2015) Avalon, Babylon, Rollespilsfabrikken, Rasteplads, Haslev Rollespilsforening, Fraks, ELF & Lost Ideas.
Sunfall 2019 Nuclear Winter Sunfall
Sunfall 2023 Sunfall & Wonder Studios
Sunfall Guldborgsund Lost Ideas & Rollespilsfabrikken
Sunfall Metro Lost Ideas Denmark, European Larp Federation & Rollespilsfabrikken
Sunfall Nuclear Winter Lost Ideas & Rollespilsfabrikken
Sunfall Solaris Lost Ideas & Rollespilsfabrikken
Sunfall Wasteland Lost Ideas Denmark
Sunfall, Global warming 2020 Sunfall
Sunfall, Nuclear Winter 2021 Sunfall + Wonder Studios
Sunfall: Global Warming 2021
Sunfall: Global Warming 2022

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Tysk apokalypse kommer til Danmark Sida 18 #22 (August 2014) ROLLE|SPIL


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