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Sunfall, Global warming 2020

System: LARP

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We are standing proudly in the Wasteland, might still call us a beacon of hope? Or a den of depravity. Texaco Rangers, The caravan people, The Trade Guild, The church and much more all come together to bring you a city sprawling with life.

Enhancing all the new initiatives that 2019 brought with it and adding new ones, all with the purpose of creating the ultimate Wasteland experience.

If you are planning on having an in-game camp, you will need to pay the Camp Deposit fee. But it is not necessarily straight away. As long as it is done before you arrive at the location.

Also, note that we will transfer the 500dkk deposit back when your in-game location has been cleaned and cleared by a member of the Sunfall crew.

Wednesday the 8th of July will also include time to build your camp and get ready, the in game start time is 18:00.

Thursday the 9th July till Saturday the 11th July will be 100% in game 24/7, as something new Saturday will not be cut short for cleanup.

Therefore we are getting even more playtime this year.

Saturday the 11th of July from 23:00 we will have the endgame party it will be a fluent transition from game to party.

Sunday the 12th of July is the time for cleaning, packing and getting the location clean.


9. - 12. juli 2020, Mejerivej 5, 4892 Kettinge, Danmark [inställd]


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