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Omslag till Hostage!


✏️Thorbiörn Fritzon
✏️Tobias Wrigstad

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PDF Scenario [svenska] (1,2 MB)


Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to violence! Well now, that's actually not true about this game. Albeit a game about hostage situations and terrorism, we are not trying to focus on the action and whether people live or die, but on what happens between the characters as the story unfolds. This game is not about winning or losing, living or dying — it is about creating the best drama and the best story. It lets you take a stab at the very core of role-playing and collaborative story-telling.

This game is not so much a scenario as a framework for creating scenarios. You will combine a number of different stories, plots and traits involving different numbers of persons, and dramatic curves that determine how the plots progress and conflict resolution.

To play the game, you should be at least three people: two players and a GM, but you can easily scale to many more. If you want, a player can even double as the GM.

(N.B.: The game is not very cutting edge.)

Players: 3+ players, 1+ game master
Duration: 1+ hours
Capsule definition: Dramatic curves, old-fashioned

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Ropecon (2007)

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