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The Red Tower

System: Semi-live
Genre: Drama, Efterforskning, Fantasy
Deltagare: 1 SL, 6 spelare


✏️Magnus Hegaard Hansen


In a field, a lonely tower stands.
Red bricks and mortar form a single spire.
Crooked and old, but surprisingly bright.
Nestled by a green hill, protecting it from southern siege.
And with an open view towards the north.

- - -

The Red Tower is the name of an ancient building that lies near the eastern coastlands of the Great Divide. It stands there, on an empty field, not near any castle or keep. It stands alone, forgotten. Only time has come to visit the past many years, each time leaving its marks on the now old and crooked tower.
But, for the first time in years, signs of life starts to show inside the tower. Candles are lit, the steep steps of its stairs are scrubbed and cleaned, and in the war-room beneath the tower, a table is set with six chairs around it, all untouched by the dust.

- - -

A war has torn nations apart, and the world is burning. A secret alliance has been formed as a last hope for peace. Unlikely leaders and ancient enemies hide beneath the red tower plotting for the war to end.

"The Red Tower" is a game of political intrigue and drama set in a low-fantasy world. You have gone all in as allies, but in the fog of war friends can turn, and so can the tide of war. This is a battle of wits, of tactics, a game of human hearts, all singing, screeching, and bleeding for the cause of their leaders
- you.

Take command, take charge, await the news, prepare your retaliations, your betrayals, your secrets to be unveiled, and your heart to break.

Spelat på

ESFROAG (2018)

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