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Midwinter Revisited

System: LARP
Deltagare: 90 spelare

Arrangerat av

The Workshop, Inc


ArrangörIrrette Melakoski (Character design, production coordination)
ArrangörPaula Susitaival (Kitchen)
ArrangörEleanor Saitta (Lightning)
ArrangörSimon Brind (Narrative and character design)
ArrangörJohanna Koljonen (Narrative and runtime design)
ArrangörTuomas Puikkonen (Photography)
ArrangörJuha Hurme (Player support)
ArrangörAnni Tolvanen (Production and design lead, sound design)
ArrangörTina Aspiala (Scenography)
ArrangörMikko Asunta (Scenography)
ArrangörKatie Ballinger (Scenography)
ArrangörKol Ford (Writing and runtime facilitation)
ArrangörWilliam Hagstedt (Writing and runtime facilitation)
ArrangörChar Holdway (Writing and runtime facilitation)
ArrangörTorgrim Husvik (Writing and runtime facilitation)
ArrangörJamie MacDonald (Writing and runtime facilitation)
ArrangörMaria Pettersson (Writing and runtime facilitation)
ArrangörRebel Rehbinder (Writing and runtime facilitation)
ArrangörJørn Slemdal (Writing and runtime facilitation)
ArrangörKaya Toft Thejls (Writing and runtime facilitation)


Produce, Obey, and have a merry christmas!

Midwinter is a Nordic larp about the ultimate form of patriarchal capitalism: Santa's Workshop — and the jolly elves who toil there. It is a dystopian machine churning out toys and distorting age-old legends of Christmas.

The true stories of the elves have been silenced and forgotten. Rigid corporate policies dictate everything from caroling to candy canes and mandatory jollity inspections. Everyone wears a happy smile while keeping themselves busy — anything else would be a sign of serious indiscretion and idleness.

Memories of heartfelt joy and laughter, spirited work and play, and restful sleep with a full stomach are nothing but a dream. A dangerous dream. A naughty dream.


8. - 11. december 2022, Tenalji von Fersen, Suomenlinna, Helsinki, Finland



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