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Dungeons, Dragons, and Therapy

(aka: Dungeons & Therapy)

System: LARP
Deltagare: 6-10 spelare


✏️Bez Shahriari

The Smoke (2022), Theatre Delicatessen, London, Storbritannien

ArrangörBez Shahriari

A Gamers Gaming Getaway (2022), Blackwells Adventure Centre, Near Bromsgrove, B60 1PY, Storbritannien

ArrangörBez Shahriari

The Smoke (2023), Theatre Delicatessen, London, Storbritannien

ArrangörBez Shahriari


The minotaur children were living a peaceful existence until their parents were slaughtered in the dungeon by humans. Now they must confront their grief.

The dragon must overcome depression and insomnia, as well as hoarding tendencies. The mayor – a pathological liar – is the one who brought them all together for this disastrous turn of events.

A kleptomaniac, egomaniac, paranoid, and ODD group of humans have turned a home of creatures into a murder-scene.

Now, let’s sit down together, have a nice cup of tea, and try to come to some resolutions as we explore our traumas in group-therapy.


The game will cycle between ‘present-day group-therapy’ and ‘flashbacks’. Players will either play the role of a facilitator, or one of these characters, all of whom are struggling with their role in society. Depending on the players’ choices, there may be a start towards a peaceful resolution, or the conflicts might simply increase.

This LARP tries to be respectful, whilst maintaining a comedic outlook. It could be likened to a ‘black comedy’ and is not a serious representation of the various traits depicted.

Content Warnings: Simulations of murder, death, mental illness, neuroatypicalities.

Spelat på

The Smoke (2022)
A Gamers Gaming Getaway (2022)
The Smoke (2023)

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