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Mad about the Boy

Omslag till Mad about the Boy

(aka: &Eva)

System: LARP
Deltagare: 25-31 spelare


✏️Tor Kjetil Edland
✏️Trine Lise Lindahl
✏️Margrete Raaum

2010, Trysil, Norge

ArrangörAnna-Karin Linder (Norwegian runs)
ArrangörMorgan March (Norwegian runs)

2012, Laren, Nederländerna

ArrangörJane Starz (Dutch run)

2012, Camp Cedarcrest, Orange, Connecticut, USA

ArrangörEmily Care Boss (American run)
ArrangörA.A. George (American run)
ArrangörGeorge Locke (American run)
ArrangörJeramy Merritt (American run)
ArrangörSarah Miles (American run)
ArrangörLizzie Stark (American run)

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PDF Scenario [engelska] (4,2 MB)


Mad About the Boy is a larp about survivors of a global disaster that killed more than half of humanity; an inexplicable disease killed everyone with a Y chromosome in mere minutes. The surviving women face not only the enormous task of rebuilding society, but also the possible extinction of humanity.

While the graphic novel Y the Last Man by Brian K. Vaughn and Pia Guerra inspired the world of the larp, the game does not use any characters or storylines from the graphic novel. Our story follows a group of women who have applied to an insemination program initiated three years after the disaster. As sperm has become a very precious resource, only a few women will be given this privilege.


28. juni - 4. juli 2010Trysil, Norge: Two runs, one with all female participation and one with a mixed gender group
Februari 2012Laren, Nederländerna: All female run
5. - 7. oktober 2012Camp Cedarcrest, Orange, Connecticut, USA: All female run

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