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System: LARP


✏️Magnar Grønvik Müller
✏️Martin Nielsen
✏️Kaia Aardal (Original concept)
✏️Jone Aarenskiold (Original concept)


The year is 2012. It's late November in Oslo, Norway. Most people are outside, enjoying the spring. At 16:17 the TV and Radio broadcasts is interrupted by an extra news update. The few who are listening to radio or having their TV on are informed that Copenhagen, the Danish capital, has been hit by what appears to be a nuclear attack. At the end of the news update, there is an unconfirmed report that Paris and Washington DC is hit as well.

The news starts spreading online, and among friends, but most people are still happily unaware of the event when the air alarm sounds at 16:21. Thinking of it as a test, most people ignore it. But some of those who have heard the news take the alarm seriously.

At 16:27, Oslo is hit by a one megatonne nuclear bomb.

Sarkofag (Sarcophagus) is about a handfull of people who managed to seek refuge in a bomb shelter room. Unfortunately, the shelter is not of the kind that can keep them safe until the world outside no longer poses an imminent threat. What they have achieved is only a postponing of their death.

What happen when you realise that today it's the sunset of your own existance, perhaps the existance of mankind? Do you hold on to your most beloved ones? Do you seek comfort in the bible? Do you write poems? Or try to ease the pain with alcohol or drugs?

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Grenselandet (2012)


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