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Everyone is John

Everyone Is John is one of the quickest, simplest RPG's out there, created by Michael B. Sullivan The main concept is that every player but one plays a voice in "John's" head. All of these voices are trying to get John to do something that they like. The funniest thing about this game is your voice can make him want to do ANYTHING. (I mean ANYTHING) The remaining player plays as John. It is advised that this player is the usual GM/ST or at least the best at telling a story.


Everyone is John (PåskCon 2019) PåskCon VI (2019)
Everyone is John (PåskConline 2021) Elias Viklund
PåskConline (2021)
Everyone is John (ÄlvCon 2016) ÄlvCon (2016)
Everyone is John (ÄlvCon 2017) ÄlvCon (2017)

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