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Welcome to the End of Your Life

System: LARP
Deltakere: 12-20 players


✏️Tony Porteous
✏️Sofia Romualdo
ArrangørMuriel Algayres


Up until now, you lived a ‘normal’ life. Well… normal in the sense that there were cars and telephones and discount coupons for beef jerky.

Less normal in the sense that you were a mover and shaker in the world. You didn’t just sit around eating beef jerky. You made people’s lives better. You made people’s lives worse.

And then you died. How that happened is… unclear, but you are very definitely dead. You can feel it like you used to feel air in your lungs. You are also very definitely still… alive? Cognizant? ‘Here’? It seems you are not done moving and shaking… As to what happens next… That remains to be seen. You can sense an impermanence about this place, as if you won’t be here long. Perhaps this is the staging ground for what comes next…

You can also sense a primal danger. Perhaps if you are incautious, your stay here will be shorter than may be desirable…

Content Warnings: Explores religion, potentially high social stress.

Presented byTony Porteous: Technical Designer for Fire Hazard Games, avid larper and game creator.
Sofia Romualdo: freelance immersive games designer, curious about everything.

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The Smoke (2020)

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