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Everything You Ever Wanted

System: LARP
Deltakere: 8-10 players


✏️Hazel Anneke Dixon
✏️Jos Porath


Everything You Ever Wanted is a game about what people will trade to fulfill their deepest desires. It combines elements of college drama and folk horror to see how characters grow and develop after making a metaphorical deal with the devil. The story takes place at three get-togethers in a cabin in the woods, set over the duration of several years. We will see how the characters’ goals, relationships and stories are shaped as the group of college friends explore their deepest desires, and must make a choice whether to fulfill them – and pay the price – or to deny themselves the gratification as well as the cost. This game is suitable for people interested in exploring themes of interpersonal growth within a loose fantastical setting. We will be exploring themes of narcissism, self-perception, image creation+projection, vulnerability, social status, community and the power of ritual.

Presented by
Hazel Dixon: Hazel Dixon is an academic and designer based in Newcastle, UK. They have written several LARPs locally as well as been professionally involved in Escape Room Design.

Jos Porath is a director of immersive installations, born and raised in Berlin, Germany. They have studied, trained, lived and worked in Germany, the United States, England, Bolivia, France and Austria. Jos has been directing and producing immersive installations since 2014, with a strong focus on creating work in and for the fringe performing arts scene in Berlin. Their installations explore notions of accountability, self-determination, vulnerability and poetic experientiality in interdisciplinary immersive formats. Everything You Ever Wanted is their first LARP, created with Hazel Dixon as part of The Smoke mentoring program 2019-2020.

Spilt på

The Smoke (2020)

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