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The Meeting Point


✏️Laura Wood


This is a larp about connection. Most importantly about a connection that takes place across time, at a meeting point that could shift reality as we know it.

You know you woke up in this body. You remember hardly anything. You have your briefing. Don’t raise suspicion. Find the others. Answer your questions. Save the world.

The game will take place pervasively over the festival, where you can spend any time you have available (and there are no minimum requirements) building and defining your relationships as you start to remember.

But whatever you learn you will need to be there. The meeting place. You will need to decide who was to blame for the things you’ve lost and who will pay the price.

All relationships and memories will come through you, although you will be given some information. You will co-create back stories with other players and explore what you’ve created in a larp in the last day of the festival.

Content Warnings: The game will be co-created. Players will be able to opt out of any upsetting content.

Presented by
Laura Wood (UK): I have written several larps which have run in several countries throughout Europe. I am a co-organiser of On Location. Two games that I have written have run previously at The Smoke; Here Comes a Candle and Inside.

Spilt på

The Smoke (2019)

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