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Graves left wanting

Forside til Graves left wanting

System: Mörk Borg
Deltakere: 1 GM, 6 players


✏️Karl Druid
ArrangørKarl Druid

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PDF Scenarie [engelsk] (3,5 MB)


Your last adventure left you less than alive... or so you thought. Awakening from dreamful slumber, you find yourself at the bottom of a corpse pit. Around you, blood-caked and very much expired vessels of more fortunate souls. Towering above you, forests of wilting gravestones and entrances to ancient tombs.

The air is stagnant, yet repulsive. Tepid, yet bone-chilling. As strange as the reasons for your revitalization may be, instinct ⎯ if nothing else ⎯ wills you to give life another go. To survive for a while longer as you make your escape from GRAVES LEFT WANTING.

Spilt på

KryptCon IV (2020)

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