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Jade dragons and crimson tigers

System: Exalted
Deltakere: 1 GM, 4-5 players


ArrangørFredrik Karlsson


In a world called creation where mighty spirits walks the lands, where the dead walks again longing for the living world, where soul eating fae wants to unmake reality itself and where wonders untold fills the landscape rules the mighty dragon blooded, demigods chosen of the Grand elemental dragons that uphold the world. In the west of this world on a emerald green island surrounded by a azure blue sea stand Feros the most serene republic of the west. This grandest of cities in the world are ruled by a council of Dragonblooded, for millenia this city has ruled the isolated western ocean with trade and cultural influence Times are changing however and war is brewing with a mightier nation in the east, the most glorious scarlet empire. A trade partner of Feros the kingdom of Amu has suddenly stoped all trade and its young terrified crown prince have fleed his homeland to the republic. Narai Koren the holder of the council seat of air have assembled a group of Dragonblooded to investigate the mystery of Amu and if it is the scarlett empire that have made their move.

Detta är ett äventyr som kommer använda sig av Exalted third edition ett d10 system som är inspirerat av Antika epos både västerländska som Iliaden och österländska som journey to the west. Annan inspiration är även japansk anime och kinesisk wuxia. Spelet går ut på att vara awesome, så välkommen till Creation have fun and kick some ass in the name of the grand elemental dragons.

Spilt på

CalCon XXVI - Kittla aldrig en sovande drake (2020)

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