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Ilmioran Dream

System: Black Wolf / Stormbringer
Deltakere: 4 players


✏️Esteban Manchado Velazquez


Toemas Dassom left his native Vilmir to look for work in Bakshaan, a town in Ilmiora. After months of not receiving any news, his family decides to send his brother Avan, together with three more friends, to look for him. Once they arrive they will have to figure out if he's safe, and help him if he's not.
This scenario is based on drama and character interaction. The setting is dark/low fantasy in the Young Kingdoms. If you like roleplaying and dramatic stories, this is for you!
The rules used will be Black Wolf (to be demoed earlier the same day). If you want to narrate this, contact me and I'll send you the rules. The core is simple (BRP-style) and most extras can be ignored if you prefer a leaner system.
NB: This session will be in English!

Spilt på

ARCON 34: Weird West (2018)

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