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Crisis of Infinite Recursions

System: The Strange
Deltakere: 10 players


✏️Henrik Lerdahl


The Agency is a secret organization that exists to monitor and regulate travel between earth and the alternate realities known as "Recursions", most of which are originally born from fictions and stories leaking into the cosmos. There these new "dimensions" then grow and develop, each with their own individual set of natural laws.
It usually takes decades for such worlds to become “real” enough to influence other Recursions, but by now the superhero genre has become old enough for its native people to leave their homeworlds, and travel to all the other fiction-spawned alternate dimensions that surround the earth.
The players are a team of field operatives working for The Agency, who have to deal with the chaos this development causes, while they go from world to world, and genre to genre.
Don’t cross the streams. Don’t wear a red shirt. Don’t read the Necronomicon. Don’t touch the green glowing rocks. Don’t go into the long grass.
And most importantly: NO CAPES!
("The Strange" uses the Cypher System, which are more or less the same mechanics as in the game Numenera)

Spilt på

ARCON 31: Superhelter og superskurker (2015)

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