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WitchTrial Live

System: LARP och kortspel och är baserat på kortspelet från Cheapass Games
Deltakere: 6 players, (ca timme spel), plus åskådare


ArrangørAndreas Granander (GothCon 2004)
ArrangørAndreas Granander (GothCon 2005)
ArrangørUlf Lindblad (GothCon 2005)
ArrangørAndreas Granander (GothCon 2008)
ArrangørAndreas Granander (GothCon 2009)
ArrangørRickard Granander (GothCon 2009)
ArrangørAnton Dalsmo (GothCon 2012)


"Entering the courtroom you are meet by a loud mumble of the audience. People seem in a cheerful and bloodthirsty mood. The judge enters the room, approches the bench. He knocks twice with his gavel to get the full attention of the audience. With a look from the judge a notary read the name of the suspect. A moment of total silence follows. Two guards bring in a small woman and bring her to a designated seat. As soon as she is seated the silence burst into mumble again. It was as if it had been hard to stay quiet at all.

Again the judge calls for attention with his gavel. And so WitchTrial begins..."

WitchTrial Live är en galen hybrid mellan liverollspel och kortspel och är baserat på kortspelet från Cheapass Games.

Mycket nöje, vi ses på GothCon!

Spilt på

GothCon XXVIII (2004)
GothCon XXIX (2005)
GothCon XXXII (2008)
GothCon XXXIII (2009)
GothCon XXXVI (2012)

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