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Spoils of War

System: LARP
Sjanger: Fantasy


✏️Morten Pedersen
✏️Katrine Wind


The war is about to end.
The dust settles on the battlefield, as King Victor Redmoor is caught inside Moon Keep on the losing side of the war.
The negotiations, the tears and the drama are bound to follow while everybody struggles – some for justice, some for revenge, and all for their future.

Story and setting
You will play as either a noble or a commoner in a low-fantasy nordic larp. There is a central conflict with two sides of players – one part has lost the war, and the other has won. But the essential elements are the personal stories across the houses and factions of the war. The setting is merely a framework.

Antall ganger spilt

26. - 30. juni 2019, Riber Kjærgård, Hunderup, Danmark
3. - 7. juli 2019, Riber Kjærgård, Hunderup, Danmark
2. - 6. juli 2022, Riber Kjærgård, Hunderup, Danmark


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