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Dying Well

System: Blackbox LARP
Deltakere: 4-6 players


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Players: You are dead. But this larp is not about dying; it's about how you lived. About how you deal with the dark corners of your mind. Do you hang on to regrets and bad conscience, or do you surrender to your humanness and appreciate the good things that have been?

This is a quiet, reflective larp. It's about how we view ourselves in contrast to how others view us. You will play characters based on obituaries made for actual people who made an impact on the world. The audience will silently mourn and praise you for your good deeds while you debate with yourself whether you can see what they see, or if you are too caught up in your own darkness to let go.

Participants should not mind light physical touch from a stranger.

Audience: Six beautiful human beings who have made an impact on the world have sadly passed away. You are here to mourn them. You will give them your respect and love, and celebrate their lives and all that they have contributed with. This is a non-verbal, reflective experience on how we live our lives and how we view others.

Spilt på

Blackbox Cph VIII (2019)

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