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System: Terningerul
Sjanger: Action, Fantasy
Deltakere: 1 GM, 4 players


✏️Magnus Hegaard Hansen


The world is inhabited by magisters, magical existences who live surrounded by magic and spend all of their very long lives seeking excitement in a world where pretty much everything has been seen, and every experiment has been done before.

So sometimes, they create artifices, constructs, beings crafted and made, artificial beings without a purpose, in the hope that the artifices will seek out a purpose, and stumble upon something of interest. And sometimes they do.

—- —- —- —- —- —- —- - -

His eyes reflected every flicker of the flames. His former home was in ruin. And it was all his fault.
Orange fires in the dark night lit up the body of the artifice: Across the wooden boards of his chest were black scorch-marks and several deeper gashes. His face, constructed from iron and hard wood, had a serious cut he did not dare touch. You could see the dance of the flames reflected in his red ruby eyes. He had steel plating across the outside of his arms and legs, though the plating had almost been entirely ripped off his right arm. He had barely retained any feeling in the limb.
He was lucky he got out alive. He could only hope his master wouldn’t. Else, the pain he now felt all throughout his body would just be the start.
He stood stunned, partially by pain, partially by the fact that he had just betrayed the man he for all his life had served loyally. A master who’s brand had been carved into his torso, which at the time had been a great honour.
The darkness engulfed him. Something howled in the distance. What, he could not make out. He didn’t mind. His eyes were entirely fixated on the fire.

A sudden burst of embers made him take a step backwards. Then, his body shook as a scream of true pain and unimaginable suffering emerged from the flames. Where he had stood completely still to ease the suffering before, now he could not but tremble, and felt every pain his body had to offer. An arm, pale as moonlight, slowly crawled its way out of the flames. Behind it, he could just make out the shape of his not so former master, still alive, screaming towards him in agony.Entire seconds went by in horror before instinct kicked in, and all pain disappeared, replaced with the rush of raw adrenaline. His nimble build where quick to follow his feet as they turned around, and ran towards the dark embrace of the forrest...

And not before long, he found himself in an entirely new place... a place unlike anything he had ever experienced... and he was not alone...

—- —- —- —-

"Heartbound" is a game of of adventure and action, of wondering and pondering, and of immersion in a different kind of world - the world of the artifices, living constructs, creatures crafted and made, and their masters, the magisters, creatures of might and magic. Follow a story, delve into the world, the characters, and you will find that the way of the heart is, that it will always surprise.

Welcome, to a magical world of wonder and boredom!

Spilt på

ESFROAG (2018)

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