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Alexandria i tall


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System: Systemløst
Sjanger: Action, Drama, Thriller
Deltakere: 1 GM, 4-6 players


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A searing pain ripped through your body like a stab that came out of nowhere, causing you to trip and fall. You could hear surprised and worried voices around you.. somehow already far away even though you knew those were the voices of people you loved.
The pain did not stop. Like a blade of chilled ice it just seemed to cut deeper and deeper to the very essence of your soul, spreading the cold of death in your entire being. Then the swirling began... Swirls faster and faster, spinning the world around until there was no up and down - no beginning and no end. The voices disappeared into a frightening distance and you only had your own heartbeat to cling onto in the deep silence where you were spinning on and on - out of time and place.
You felt how your body was almost tearing apart and your mind was spinning too while you desperately tried to cling onto the hazed cascade of memories from your life - faces, scenes, places - tumbling over another to crash through your mind until that too was too much to bear.

Suddenly it all stopped. Your staggered breath, Then your heartbeat and then the slow sound of water dripping entered your mind. The scent of rotten mold under your nose, moist and sticky dirt on your skin - seeping through your clothes and darkness... oh the darkness.

Then... another voice spoke:


For some unknown reason a group of random strangers find themselves in a nightmare none of them were capable of imagining. Now they have to work together despite differences to escape the demonic world of hell, against all odds.

Beasts of terror and malice inhabit the dark plains of death where these rather ordinary people need to become extraordinary to survive and to return to the world they know. Furthermore they will soon find that not only are they misplaced - they are also hunted.

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ESFROAG (2018)

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