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Magic & Misfortune - Dhara's Children

System: Terningerul
Sjanger: Action, Drama, Fantasy, Thriller
Deltakere: 1 GM, 4 players


✏️Bjørn-Morten Vang Gundersen


Year 2018

We ran through the alleys, and dodged whatever spells they were throwing at us. We were four left, and... and... The Council had fallen. Beings of The Dark Colours had entered our sanctum and even Archmage Deven couldn't keep them at bay. The members of the council stood with him, but one by one they fell to ancient - and powerful - magic. The archmage was the last to fall, but as a final act he forced open a rift to The In-Between. The Beings were sucked into it... Oh Undergods.. He too was sucked into the rift, but he had saved New York for now.

'Watch out!', I heard Niyera's voice cry out and I merely dodged the blast. A dark-green coloured cloud swirled as I leapt through it, but in an instant I felt the patterns change. Ropes of magic grabbed me by my legs, and I toppled over like a statue. I was paralyzed and from the cloud The Being manifested itself. It had no visible mouth, but a voice kept calling my name - maybe from within myself!? How powerful was this creature?
In a moment's panic I pushed away all magic from me, and The Being was dazzled for a few seconds.

'Let me!', Karell's brutish voice beckoned and I kicked myself lose from The Being's grasp. Huge claws had ripped open my skin, and the blood mixed with the dark-green colour. This was bad!

'Hulbazizi!'. Karell boomed in that alley, and a shriek of pain emitted from The Being. It twisted, and the long claws tried to reach for Karell, but Niyera weaved a light-blue string above it. Constrictions - good thinking.

'HULBAZIZI!', Karell commanded again, and a crackle filled the air... The moment after The Being lay still, and slowly faded from existence. Karell fell to his knees, and placed both hands in the pool of my blood. Niyera did too, and from the blood they pulled forth an amulet. They had manifested all evil into my blood, and this amulet I had to keep on me, until I could undergo a purification ritual.

'Please tell me that ain't Dark Colours!'. Terrifi pointed at the skies, and the rumbling skies above us flashed with dark-red lightning.

This was bad. Really bad.

- - - - - - - - - - - -

Are you looking for a fantasy adventure in modern times?
Do you want to help me test out a combat-system I am working on for my franchise 'Magic & Misfortune'?
Do you feel like focusing more on telling the story than heeding the dice?

Seek no further, for you have found Magic & Misfortune - Dhara's Children.

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ESFROAG (2018)

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