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System: Kult
Deltakere: 1 GM, 4-6 players


✏️Tim Seiler


—- Message Repeats—–
This is a Emergency call from the U.S.N. Dementer, day 14. This message is automated.
the ship has experienced heavy malfunctions. All personnel have been advised to go into emergency Cryosleep.
Ship is beyond repair by onboard assets, and matériels.
U.S.N. Dementer, is onroute to Mars orbital from Deadalus sector,
Coordinates, from time of origin of the accident, follows.
New corrected Cordinates is as follows… Error… Error, unable to connect to I.P.S.
—- Message Repeats—–

U.S.N. Dementer, This is the U.S.N. Calvin Long Range Rescue Vessel. Message received.
We are 81 days out, and inbound, Full burn. Hold tight Rescue is coming.

—– 84 days later —–
U.S.N. Dementer, this is the U.S.N. Calvin, no fear, rescue is here >>Clask<<
(new voice) Shut up Carl!!, Its a rescue op. Not fun and games
(first voice) Dammit David the mic is still On >>Click<<

Spilt på

ChopCon (2018)
VannaCon 9 (2019)

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