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Breaking News


DesignerKim Dorff Hansen
DesignerThorbjørn Nicolaisen


What would happen if you took Cards Against Humanity and made it into an actual game?

In Breaking News you're all journalists fighting to publish the next piece of breaking news. Only problem is: You are all lazy fuckers who have no interest in the truth or getting sources that are believable.

Breaking News stories like "Botox-filled Bill Gates attacks angry goat" and "Robotic King Kong commits suicide ... again" are just some possible sentences that come out of the raving participants brainstorming sessions. But are they true? Have the journalist just made it up or does have the sources he claims?

The game pieces consists of words - objects, adjectives and actions - and the players can try to please the newspapers lust for stories within the field of Politics, Economics, Celebrities and Science.

Breaking News ends when a newspaper front side is filled with 6 stories. Hence it's a fun and fast party game lasting about 30 minutes.

Spilt på

Nordic Game Jam (2014)


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