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Skoro Rassvet

(alias: Breaking Dawn)

System: LARP
Deltakere: 15 players


✏️Martin Buchtík
✏️Markéta Haladová
✏️Tomáš Hampejs
✏️Sarah Komasová
✏️Petr Platil
✏️Jaromír Vybíhal
ArrangørJeppe Bergmann Hamming
ArrangørMaria Bergmann Hamming


The danish Odense-based roleplaying association, Solhverv, now for the first time present the Czechish scenario Skoro Rassvet outside of the Czech Republic.
Skoro Rassvet is set in 19th century Russia in the middle of the Crimean war and tells a story about 15 destines tied closely together that is hugely affected by the changes in Russia. The scenario is heavily inspired by great russian authors like: Dostoyevsky, Checkov & Tolstoy.

From the 25th of February to the 1st of March the authors of the scenario will visit us in Denmark and we will set up the scenario twice together with them.
On this page you can find information about the scenario, the roles, the venue, sign up and ask us questions.
The scenario will be played in english and we welcome international participants.

Antall ganger spilt

25. - 27. februar 2015, Hindemae Mølle, Nyborg, Danmark
27. februar - 1. mars 2015, Hindemae Mølle, Nyborg, Danmark


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