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System: Warhammer 40,000 Roleplay Dark Heresy


✏️Joan Høj Jacobsen


+++++++++++Subsector 7 Intercept++++++++++
++++From: High Justicar Septimus Messalla++++
+++++++++++++To: Unknown+++++++++++++
++++++++Threat: Hereticus Maximus++++++++
+++++Recommend: Immediate liquidation+++++
++Recommend: Eversor to Necrumunda Spire++
+++++++++++Truth begets hatred+++++++++++

In the blessed name of His Most Glorious Majesty, the Emperor of Mankind, I hereby charge thee to the following task:
Thou shalt arrange for the convocation of the most powerful criminal leaders of the area known to the Administratum as Necromunda Underhive, Subsector 7. These include:
Hasso von Heilichstein, Cawdor.
Gruff McDieDie, Goliath
Maximilian Splatz III, Van Saar
Dominic Taglieri il Magnifico, Orlok
The entity known as ‘Killer Angel’, Escher
The most suitable location for such an assembly will be in the infamous trading outpost of Hellfire Hole. Thus convened, put forth to these personae the proposal to grant onto one of them knowledge and directions of and to the location of the archaeotechnological find known to the Administratum as ‘The Eyes of Macarius’, but do not disclose unto them the exact nature of this artefact. Grant onto them any incentives required to assemble these five personae.
Once convened, leave them to their peace … and adjourn to safe distance. Allow not thyself to become entangled in the following ‘debate’. Remember always, only one can be granted knowledge of the Archaeotech in question.

By the Emperor’s will and my hand
High Justicar Septimus Messalla
Necromunda Spire

Note: Det anbefales meget kraftigt, at spillere, der melder sig til dette hold, googler Necromunda og de forskellige bander, der opererer der, især Cawdor, Goliath, Van Saar, Orlok og Escher.

Spilt på

DrageCon 10 (2009)

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