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Operation Darkener

System: Aliens


✏️Karsten Rasmussen


After the incident on terraforming colony Hadley's Hope on the Planet LV-426, known as Acheron, the Colonial Marine Corps became aware of the dangerous threat of the Alien species and truth of Flight Officer Ellen Ripley's words concerning the Nostromo Incident. Both incidents were carefully examined and compared to the incident on the Prison Planet Primarch, where alle the survivors of the Acheron Mission regretably lost their lives. More incidents have occured, but the answer to the Alien-species origin has not yet been answered.

Now, about 5 years later, the colonial Marine Corps has developed specially trained Strike Teams for this kind of operation. They are sent in, whenever hostile alien life forms are reported, to utterly exterminate them and make sure that the alien spore does not spread. Unfortunately, there are people who think of these aliens with a fanatic's devotion and worship them as Gods for their perfection.

In this scenario the players together with their Strike Team must go to the planet Darkener, out past Pandora in the Dorodino Sector, to take care of a similar situation. The medical research station DarkLan IV has been infected with the alien species, and the Colonial Marines must primarily evacuate the inhabitants, i.e. remaining patients and medical staff, then place the demolition charges, 4 implosion units, as the mission's failsafe device, if the Marines should be forced to back down, then locate the nest, and make way for the unit's HardCore specialist, who will go in and exterminate the Queen, eggs and other hostiles, while the other Marines clear any attempts of flight from the alien lair, and finally return to Pandora for further instructions. The players and npc's in this scenario is a Strike Team, they have 3 similar operations behind them, so they will have up-to-date information on the alien life form known as Aliens, i.e. players may use any knowledge they have from the movies, comic books and novels.

Spilt på

TRoA V (1992)
Pentacon V (1994)

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