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Swedish Symposium

Forside til Swedish Symposium

System: LARP


ArrangørPatrik Bengtsson
ArrangørKim Guldbransen
ArrangørJohan Jonsson
ArrangørMats Rappe
ArrangørDaniel Roos

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This is the preliminary information about the Symposium.
Please note that the times may be subject to changes. Check back to the Symposium Website for the latest updates.

15.00 "Kåren" will be open from 15.00 for you to leave your luggage and refresh yourself with a coke or a shower. If you arrive before that time please contact Tobias at 0705 / 466 706 for a place to deposit your stuff. You can also prepare for IC. Please note that you must be IC in "Folkets Hus", so this is your last chance for OOC make-up and changing clothes.
17.30 Gathering in "Kåren"
We will have a short run through of the rules for the evening.
18.15 - 19.00 Arrival at "Folkets Hus" In-Character.
The payement will be in-character. Be sure to bring money in exact notes
19.00 - 20.00 Dinner
Be sure to inform the ST about allergies in good time.
Welcome speech and introduction of the more prominent members of the Swedish Camarilla.
20.30 The Gathering of the Princes
20.30 - 22.30 Public Discussions
21.00 - 21.30 Catwalk
22.30 - 01.00 Club "Lilla Moskva" (Little Moscow)
01.00 + End of day one
OOC - Pub for the players

12.00 - 16.00 Daylight activities
12.00 - 14.00 Sweden By Night ST-meeting
13.00 - 14.00 Guided tour about John Bauer
14.00 - 16.00 National clan meetings
17.30 The game begins at Folkets hus
19.00 - 20.00 Dinner
Be sure to inform the ST about allergies in good time.
20.30 The Gathering of the Princes
21.00 - 00.00 Public Discussions
00.00 - 02.00 Private Discussions
02.00 The End

1. Formalia - Who are accepted as voting princes (or their proxis).
1.1 Who is to be Royal Harpy? (preliminary)
1.2 Who are to represent Visby Board of Directors (Rådet)? Are they to be counted as a pure Camarilla-town. Is the one representating Visby also be counted as a princes when it comes to responsebilities for the BoDs decissions.
1.3. Are Nässjö, Eksjö and Ulricehamn to be counted as domains in there own?
1.4. Borderquestions and who is prince where. How big does a town need to be for the prince to be accepted by the rest of the princes?
1.5 Who is to be Royal Harpy? (final)
2. The interpretation of what a Symposium is in Sweden and what juristication it should have.
3. The Laws, are we going to make laws for the Swedish Camarilla?
4. Is there any domains that should be in bad standing?
5. How to handle non-Camarilla-clans in Sweden?
5.1. In some domains Gangrels are thrown out from the Camarilla. If this to be a common policy?
5.2. Some Giovannies claims that the whole of the clan are aplying to be members of the Camarilla. Is Sweden going to accept them?
5.3. What are the princes oppinion towards the new Assamite bloodline?
6. Are we going to have a Prince/King of Sweden? Maybe a new Imperator?
6.1. Our host Per Brahe have since the age of king Wasa been having the title of Vice Imperitor. Is the title inheretable?\n 7. The current state in all of Swedens domains. How big threat are the Sabbat and the Anarch?
7.1. The Sabbath of Örebro and the domain of Örebro.
8. What local agreements with beings such as Lupines and Anarchs are there in Sweden?
8.1. Is there to be a common policy and perhaps a plan of how to handle other creatures and Anarchs?
8.2 The deal with the ghosts.
9. How to handle a Bloodhunt when the subject hides in other domains.
9.1. Are we going to have a "Bloodhunt-Cooperation"?
10. Respect of other Princes' praxis

Cainite history and nodism: This will be a moment for all the scholars out there to discuss about their findings concerning The book of Nod, the cycles of Lilith, different prophesies and other stuff that might bore the regular Kindred to death. Please come prepared and remember that all that you know isn't necessarily known to your character.

Financial power in Sweden: Here all you power brokers can discuss who is the real ruler of Sweden. Who controls what and which are the companies that are considered personal domains of Kindred in Sweden. Other topics probably cowered will be: how to improve the company climate in Sweden, how to protect the interests of Swedish kindred from hostile takeovers.
(as with the first please come well prepared, ask your ST about which companies you control and other vital info)

The Camarilla is it a working arrangement: How is the Camarilla working and in what ways could it be improved. How come that the humans have changed their way of governing so many times during the last five hundred years and we still cling to our organisation as it was the only solution. (Debate and have fun, a poss for all the anarchs out there to express your view but all so a opportunity for the elders to explain themselves)

Harpy discussion (closed discussion): How should the status system be managed in Sweden and other questions (only for head Harpies)

Hunters: Who are they, what are they and how can we trick them (please remember, even if you've read every single Hunter source book your character probably hasn't)

Big fuzzy things that go ARGHHHH or the lupine problem: Now all you gangrel vets can compare scars and exchange views on our hairy friends that runs around in the forest. Perhaps you could even teach us other a thing or two (As always
make a distinction between what you know and what your character knows)

Problems, always problems: Here is your big chance to tell other kindred about the incidents and problems that hasn't been solved in ur hometown. Is there always someone in the city that seems to get away with everything, doesn't anyone wanna solve the murder of your neonate friend and have you been neglected or just roughly treated by someone vastly
more powerful then you and now you can do nothing about it. Know you can tell everybody about it.

The agenda for the Sweden By Night ST meeting:
1. How is the cooperation working?
2. Do we really want to join Euro-Camarillan? Is it possible?
3. How can we intensify our cooperation?
4. An demonstration and discussion of our online-services, such as forums and the news-service.
5. Justicars, Archons and similars characters.
6. National Clan STs?

Please inform us about your status transformed to this unified chart below. Write it down in your blurb on the Symposium website.
2=Character not of the Six Clans and holds no position (No matter what Generation)
3=Character is of the Six Clans and holds no position, Neonate
4=Primogen, Sheriff, Keeper, Seneschal, Harpy,Ancilla
5=Prince(Neonate/Ancilla), Archon, Elder
6=Prince (Elder)

The meals are subsidized by our organization. That means that we pay the catering 80 SEK for each meal and you only 50 SEK. It is important to know that the dinners will be carried out In-Character, so if you have not checked "yes" on your registration, you won't be able to join in on the dinner.
In our chronicle all vampires are able to eat food, but they can not appreciate it without the ability of Eat Food.

We have arranged a place where all players can sleep during the first and second night of the Symposium. You will need to bring your own sleeping bag and bedroll however. There is a shower available and breakfast will be arranged each morning. The location is the same as for your OOC luggage, ie "Kåren".

Peace is declared in the city of Jönköping in accordance with the policy regarding Symposia. This means that during the duration of the Symposium, clan feuds and inter personal hostilities may not be presued within the limits of the city.

It is considered extremely rude, as well as illegal, to bring weapons, without telling the security staff, into the premises of the Symposium. You can of course carry your own weapon props, but don't expect to keep them more than a minute or two. It is also stronly forbidden to show weapon props outside the premises of the LARP, of natural reasons.

To counteract all fighting during the Symposium, there will be lots of Security guards In-Character, but we will also introduce a new rule for the remainder of the Symposium.
All attempts on physical violence of any kind MUST be reported to a ST in advance. The ST will then decide who wins and the fight will then be carried out In-Character by the players without any challenges at all.

There will be no possibility for Influence what so ever during the Symposium, since all STs are busy as it is allready.

OOC (Out of Character)
The OOC-sign (raised hand), as well as all OOC activity in general is forbidden while participating in the LARP. If you really have to talk OOC, then lure away an NPC in a remote corner to discuss the problem. If you continuely violate this rule, you will be thrown out of the LARP for bad behaviour.

We have done major modifications to the rules to enhance role playing and simplify the rules for everyone, since all swedish LARPs have their own rules anyhow.
All disciplines costs a Will Power to activate and is automatically successfull. However, if the discipline targets an opponent, he can defend himself by also spending a Will Power. No "over bids" or challenges is allowed. Only one Will Power may be spent in this fashion for the remainder of the scene or an hour (which ever ends first).
The effects of the disciplines all lasts for the remainder of the scene or an hour, unless they are permanent.
The skills of your character will merely guide your role playing and will have no other effect what so ever.
Each character will get one of his temporary Will Powers returned during the second night as usual.
Since there are LARPs with different WP-systems as well, we have adapted a common WP-system during the Symposium. Ghouls, Humans, Gen 14-13 (1 WP), Gen 12 (2 WP), Gen 11 (3 WP), Gen 10 (4 WP), Gen 9 (5 WP), Gen 8 (6 WP), Gen 7 (7 WP).

Through out the evenings there will be a herald informing the assembly about the decisions reached by the Princes.
A more detailed schedule over the various discussions and lectures that will be held will be published shortly.
Please feel free to contact the organizers, if you would like to arrange something.

Story Tellers for the Symposium:
Daniel Roos,, +46-(0)36 - 144 777
Mats Bergström,, +46-(0)709 - 803141
Johan Jonsson,, +46-(0)36 - 16 67 71
Kim Guldbransen,, +46-(0)705 - 44 77 02
Patrik Bengtsson,

Organizers of the festivities as well as sleeping accomodation:
Tobias Dahlström, +46-(0)705 - 466 706
Bjarne Lundqwist, +46-(0)705 178 446

Visit the IC and OOC Symposium forums at

Welcome to the Swedish Symposium 2001

Antall ganger spilt

9. - 11. februar 2001Jönköping, Sverige

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