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Star Trek: The Markovian Tendency

System: LARP Card based
Deltakere: 8-10 players


✏️Peter Bensley
✏️Georgina Okerson

Extraordinary Consequences (2011), Naish Holiday Village, Christchurch, Dorset, Storbritannia

ArrangørGeorgina Okerson
ArrangørPeter Bensley (Lead GM)


The voyages of the USS Sinclair take her new captain and crew on a mission of deep space exploration, beyond Cardassian and Breen space, into the uncharted territory of the Auxilan sector. On a barren world situated on the border between two peoples on the brink of war, a small party of civilian explorers and archaeologists have made a startling discovery. The crew of the Sinclair will have to negotiate the hazards of this remote sector, including the precarious peace between the Caliphan and Batarian peoples, in order to protect the scientists and learn what their discovery means for the Federation.

A game set in the Star Trek universe shortly after the TNG/DS9 era.

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Extraordinary Consequences (2011)

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