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A West End Lullaby!

System: LARP
Deltakere: 77 players

Arrangert av

UK Freeforms and The Chorus


✏️Matt Freeman
✏️Hanbury Hampden-Turner
✏️Ray Hodson
✏️Daniel Taylor
👍Kate Ashford (Additional material)
👍Simon Clark (Additional material)
👍Rei England (Additional material)
👍Chris O’Regan (Additional material)


Some Cities Sleep. This One Rocks!

Welcome to the City! We’ll be your tour guides, as it’s easy to lose yourself in this bustling mass of soaring towers and sleazy clubs, beautiful parks and crowded slums.

Walk streets once paved with gold, and you too can seek your fortune.

Maybe your dream is to be a singer at the Bourbon Room, the legendary stage where monster rockers Arsenal got their start. If your goal is to change the world, many of the greatest scientists come to consult the famous Doctor Prospero. For the social climbers, no ambition could compare to dinner at the famous Harmonia Gardens, and who knows who you may catch a glimpse of. Those who wish spiritual guidance could do worse than to ask the Sisters of Perpetual Faith for help. Perhaps you simply wish to find the perfect flowers for your love in the Casey Street Market. And if your dream is to build the City yourself, Pressman Industries are hiring. That soaring building on the horizon is Falco Tower, built by our very own Mayor, standing over the war memorial he commissioned.

Just watch your step. The tunnels beneath the City run deep, and the streets are rich but not always safe. It’s said that the ghosts of murder victims haunt the park, and at night catlike yowls echo from the rooftops. There are monsters in the tunnels. Senior Inspector Javert has done a sterling job hunting anarchists, graffiti artists and thieves, but there is always more to be done.

Will you be a socialite or a spy, a business idol or a wanted criminal? Is yours a story of romance, rebellion, or revenge? In the City, everyone finds their path… eventually.

Antall ganger spilt 🗺️

3. - 5. februar 2024🗺️West Retford Hotel in Retford, Nottinghamshire, Storbritannia


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